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There are so many great things happening in the health and wellness space right now. Our vision was to bring all the pieces of a healthy, active lifestyle to one place.

If you know what you want, go ahead and schedule an appointment! Otherwise come on in and we can help you pick and choose based on your needs and goals.



A properly functioning nervous system is at the core of good health. Our care restores connections between the brain and body and the movement of all your muscles and joints.

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Massage Therapy

The stress of the daily grind takes a toll on your body too. Our team of massage therapists specialize in all types of massage to bring the relief and relaxation you need.

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Get back and shoulder pain relief right where you need it. We use air-tight cups to draw up old, stagnant blood, relieving tension, reducing inflammation and yes, you’ll get bruises like Michael Phelps.

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Dry Needling

We use a small needle to pinpoint painful knots in your muscles. Stimulating these “trigger points” helps relieve pain and regain proper movement.

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Physical Therapy

Whether you’re a Crossfit athlete or a casual exerciser, injuries happen. Our physical therapy program will get you back to doing the things you love.


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Personal Training

Our gym gives you access to some of Minneapolis’ top personal trainers. From yoga to TRX and more, check out our full lineup of workouts, classes and trainers to get started.

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With a new fad diet every five minutes, it’s hard to know what to eat these days. Our nutrition coaches will guide you to your goals with a personalized, flexible plan.

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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

This injury recovery technique gets you back in the game faster. With blood flow restricted by a band, we’ll take you through a series of light exercises to rebuild strength without the stress of heavy weights.



Infrared Sauna

Our infrared sauna gets you a good sweat without the stuffy, uncomfortable air. Relax, release toxins and enjoy the many health benefits of regular sauna use.

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Active Release Technique

This soft-tissue, movement-based massage technique breaks up scar tissue in muscles, tendons and ligaments. It can help with ailments like carpal tunnel, shin splints, headaches and a whole lot more.

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