Massage therapy in the North Loop of Minneapolis.

Let’s face it – life is stressful these days. Between busy work schedules, never-ending to-do lists and daily exercise, its easy for stress to manifest in your body. Our massage therapists use a holistic approach to relieve tension and restore your calm. An hour to chill doesn’t suck either.


The core benefits of massage therapy.


Let’s start with the obvious: pain relief. We can target and remove painful knots and problem areas.




Massage can also trigger your body’s relaxation response, which leads to a lower heart rate, deeper breathing and more relaxed muscles.

Other benefits include reduced inflammation, the removal of toxins from your system and improved circulation and digestion.


We specialize in all types of massage.


Swedish Massage

When you think of a “classic” massage, this is it. The Swedish technique is gentler than deep tissue but still relives tension and pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

We’ll apply soft and hard pressure to break up scar tissue and break down painful knots.

Sports Massage

This entails a combination of intense bodywork and stretching customized to the athlete’s needs and time frame of next event.


Trigger Point Therapy

This technique solely addresses the specific pain points in your body that can be aching entire muscle groups.


We’ll focus on “reflex points” in your hands and feet that have connections to every area and organ in your body,


A specific and gentle technique for moms who need a little extra love during pregnancy.


Not sure which type you need?

Call (612) 354-2509 and we’ll help guide you.